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This is what we do


We identify opportunities and levers of change by analyzing your competitive environment.


We build and reposition brands with their purpose and values.

We create launch strategies for products and services.


We believe in the power and value of the ideas and that is why develop the creative approaches.


Why unusual business?

At Unusual Business, we have worked for big and small advertisers, we have been on the client’s side, on the agency’s side, boosting start-ups… We are a group of professionals led by Félix Muñoz Blanco, with a mission to help businesses to identify and discover their future share.

Creativity that innovates

Unusual Business is designed for innovation and creativity, as only in this way can we provide multidisciplinary solutions to our clients’ problems. Each member of the team provides value throughout the project, at all levels.

Solutions tailored to your needs

Unusual Business is oriented toward leading changes in marketing and communication solutions by creating ad hoc teams for each project.

Result-Oriented Marketing

The client’s success is our success.

Always on Focus

We have always worked very focused, from the analysis of the initial status to design and llauch of a product or brand. It is important to keep and increase the market share, but also to identify and create the future share ®

We place a lot of stock in our values

We want our clients to grow, not our ego. The reputation we have earned over these years is based on work and on the trust our clients have placed in us.


News and Thoughts

If you want to be kept up to date about our projects, don’t miss the latest entries in our blog.


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